Leb Williams
Music, book & lyrics, "Marenight" 2019
Music & co-lyrics, "Love & All Our Other Monsters." 2022
Short play, "Rent For May" 2020
Coming... Music & Lyrics, "Dance Boy & Coyote" 2022 

Currently lives in South Florida. 
Contact: lebwilliamsmusic@gmail.com   

Leb Williams
Book, Music & Lyrics, "Marenight"
Music & additional lyrics, "Love & All Our Other Monsters"
Book, Music & Lyrics, "Dance Boy & Coyote"
Currently lives in South  Florida. 
Email: lebwilliamsmusic@gmail.com



Levres de Sang
Book, co-lyrics, "Love & All Our Other Monsters."
Graduate of Oxford University's Creative Writing Program.

Levres is the author of 3 screenplays, "Let Us Touch The Sun", "From the Convalescence of Christianne Zelman" and "Doll. Mistress. Wife"

Currently lives in England
Contact: kyoto41@protonmail.com


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